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Single LED Keypad

A keyboard or panel with a standard network cable for configuring a standard network interface ...

Typical applications

T510 series (0.4-3.0kw); T510 series (18.5-55kw); T600 full series

T510 series (0.4-3.0kw); T510 series (18.5-55kw); T600 full series ,standard keyboard, standard network port, detachable. Keyboard can be connected with standard network cable.

The keyboard is combined with the display board. The keyboard sends various signals or instructions to the main control board, mainly used to send operation control instructions or modify operation data to the frequency converter. The display panel displays all kinds of data provided by the main control panel, and is equipped with digital tube display, indicator light, run (operation), stop (stop), remote (mode), rev (forward / reverse), TC (fault) status indicator light and unit indicator light, such as Hz, a, V, etc. The following indication functions can be completed.

① In operation monitoring mode, display various operation data, such as frequency, voltage, current, etc.
② In parameter mode, display function code and data code.
③ In the fault state, display the fault reason code.


63.5x95.6 (mm)

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